VIPissy is currently our second best rated pissing porn site online and we believe that it’s currently a top 3 must join pay site for several good reasons. It has stunning European models in arguably the best filmed pissing action. Some really pretty and in some cases young (18/19) actresses persuaded to drink the piss from other more experienced model’s pussies, as well as guy’s cocks, and to get their bodies, faces, and hair completely soaked in the golden liquid!

The site has been around for a long time, produced by a studio devoted to the pissing niche. It currently has over 380 videos available to members with new updates each week. And each video is truly ‘full-length’, unlike some sites, with the videos here usually between 40 minutes to over an hour in duration.

Videos are now filmed in stunning 4K ultra-hd, so you can see every last drop of beautiful piss, no matter how small, streaming from the girl’s pussies.

Free VIPissy Movie Trailers

Taste Of Panties


Two gorgeous Euro babes bathe their nubile bodies and flowing hair in the delicious piss of one another, before satisfying their thirst for golden pee.

Russian Tornado


Two beautiful teen Russian girls experience piss fun for the very first time as they are persuaded to play with and drink each other’s golden pee in this 4K pissing video.

Reasons To Join VIPissy

  • Almost 400 premium pissing videos all in HD or (now) 4K Ultra-HD
  • New 4K movies uploaded every week
  • Beautiful European models in solo and lesbian pissing movies
  • Nearly 250 different models featured
  • Membership prices as low as $8.99 a month
  • Live pissing cam shows available to members

Conclusion – VIPissy A Must Join Piss Site

This is one of the biggest pissing content sites online, established for many years, with a huge near 400 video archive, and now filming in 4K ultra-hd. It has a huge variety and number (250) of different models, nearly all young and European and very beautiful, often in their first piss scenes. Probably the best studio based content featuring European solo and girl/girl pissing content. For such a huge archive of content that is still being updated and likely to be so for years to come, membership rates are very reasonable – varying from just a couple of dollars for a two day trial to $399 for guaranteed lifetime membership.


666 Bukkake

666Bukkake - Extreme German Piss Drinking

666 Bukkake is an infamous German site that focuses on girls getting turned into both cum AND piss buckets, by multiple men one after the other. Produced by the legendary, if notorious, GGG (German Goo Girls) studio, who have been filming the most hardcore bukkake and pissing content outside of Japan for nearly two decades.

Whereas German Goo Girls is devoted mainly to bukkake, 666 Bukkake features in every video a combination of both sperm and piss. All that lovely sperm that the girls receive from multiple men in the studio is washed down with their piss as well. This site is infamous for a reason. It’s incredible how much sperm and piss young German women can take on their faces and down their throats. And it’s not just a few regular hardcore piss loving whores either. Over nearly two decades the company have filmed hundreds of mainly German girls being drenched in sperm and urine.

Reasons To Join 666 Bukkake

  • The most extreme pissing content outside of Japan, and possibly the world
  • Girls not only drink litres of piss, but take multiple cumshots to the face too
  • Hundreds of different girls and women turned into cum buckets and facial urinals
  • Still updating and with an archive going back to 2004

Free 666 Bukkake Pissing Video Trailers

The Golden Shower Paradise


Two young Germans, a beautiful 19 year old teen girl, and a somewhat older woman, team up to be turned into human urinals and fuck holes in this hardcore pissing move from the legendary GGG studios. The young cutie will certainly remember the day she allowed multiple strange men to piss down her throat, cum in her mouth, and fuck her tight teen ass, all to afford the latest iPhone…and for thousands of us pervs to fap like crazy to it!

Nikki Riddle – Pretty And Pissed


Some of the most extreme pissing content you’ll see as a cute blonde German slut is repeatedly pissed on then fucked hard by a group of masked men. Her ass is fucked balls deep while her mouth opens wide and each man takes turn to piss a stream of their urine deep down her throat. Her parents must be so proud.

Lia And Bibi – Young And Pissed


Two gorgeous German teen girls have their nubile bodies, their pretty faces, and the backs of their throats, absolutely drenched in both sperm and piss.

Czech VR Fetish Pissing

Czech VR Fetish pissing videos 1

Czech VR Fetish is one of only two current VR porn sites that regularly features pissing content. Produced by one of the biggest porn studios that specializes in both Czech and virtual reality porn. As the name suggests, most of the girls featured are indeed Czech, but they also occasionally feature some famous VR pornstars of other nationalities.

The action is sometimes kinky but never very hardcore. It features for the most part either girl on girl pissing action or solo pee fun. Scenes are mostly indoors, often in the shower, but sometimes outdoors.

Pissing porn is really special and immersive in 3D virtual reality. You really do feel yourself inches away from a real flesh and blood girl who is pissing right in front of you.

Unlike in most virtual reality sex scenes, the filming is done in ‘voyeur’ mode, rather than POV (for pretty obvious reasons).

This is a general fetish VR porn site, so it covers a number of other fetishes such as upskirts, face sitting, and foot worship (usually in separate videos). There is a new VR video devoted to pissing around once a month. Although I find the quality and action to be perhaps a little superior to the only other VR pissing site (Virtual Pee), the updates are not as regular, and hence I rank it just behind that site.

Free Czech VR Fetish Virtual Reality Piss Videos

Victoria Puppy’s Golden Rain

A beautiful and nubile young Czech woman shows in 3D virtual reality how she loves to play around with her own piss, including drinking it straight from a glass bowl!

Thirsty For Piss

Two beautiful Czech sluts are thirsty for piss and readily agree to piss into each other’s mouths. Each girl savors every last, delicious drip, with you right next to their nubile piss drenched bodies in 3D virtual reality!

Czech VR Fetish Video Banner 2020

Virtual Pee


Virtual Pee is (as of July 2020) the only virtual reality porn site dedicated to the pissing fetish. It has been around for several years already and still updates once a week. The content is almost entirely studio based girl on girl pissing or solo girl pee fun. The site is produced by the same studio behind one of the top (2d) pissing sites – VIPissy.

Pissing is one niche that is made to experience in 3D virtual reality. You feel like you’re in the same space as the girl or girls in the movie, right next to them as they unload their piss into a glass to drink themselves, or on to the naked body or in the mouth of their pee loving girlfriends.

Free Pissing Movie Scenes From Virtual Pee

Caught Masturbating with Antonia Sainz, Jesica Bell

Brunettes Get Wet with Jenifer Jane, Vinna Reed

My Honest Conclusion On Virtual Pee

If you want to experience pissing porn like never before in immersive 3D virtual reality, then this is the site to join. In fact, if you are really a hardcore piss fan, then I’d even recommend that you buy a virtual reality headset just so you can experience these VR piss videos. There is one other VR porn site that quite regularly releases pissing content, and that is Czech VR Fetish. Although I’d rate the VR production of that site a little higher, as well as credit the fact that it produces outdoor VR pissing scenes too, it only releases new piss videos every 6 weeks or so, while this site releases one new video per week. So for that reason, I’d rank Virtual Pee as the number 1 VR pissing porn site, although I’d recommend you join both as they produce quite different content.

Virtual Pee 776 x 76 banner

Crazy Pee Girls

850x80 banner

Crazy Pee Girls is a large pissing fetish porn site that has a huge quantity of amateur style videos of girls peeing on the toilet or (often) outdoors, and sometimes even in public.

It is one of around 100 fetish porn videos under the ownership of the same porn company, and membership gives access to all of those other sites.

There’s no doubt that membership will give you access to some of the best (maybe THE best) amateur style pee content online. However, the marketing is a little misleading. In the first place, I doubt if they are updating daily every day as their ‘latest movies’ segment suggests. Most of the videos on the front page are not only amateur style but even 90’s style. Secondly, the site promises that members get access to over 25,000 videos, which might be true but only a fraction of those will be pissing videos because – as mentioned above – a subscription gives access to the 100+ other non-piss sites in the network.

So with those two important caveats in mind, you should definitely consider joining this site, especially if you are looking for a good library of amateur and outdoor pissing content, and even more so if you are a fan of some of the many other fetishes covered by the network.

Teacher Piss Plays With Schoolgirls


It’s not enough for this horny and depraved teacher to deduce his innocent and nubile young students in class. He needs to fulfill his hardcore pissing fetish as well. Luckily for him (and us!) these two cute but naughty schoolgirls are only too happy to try something new and exciting like piss drinking!

What follows is what every red-blooded man dreams of, but only a handful have every likely experienced. Being sucked by and then fucking two innocent barely legals in school uniform, and then watching as they piss into each other’s mouths, before letting you unload your own steaming hot piss into their thirsty young throats! Now put on your VR headset and become that lucky teacher and turn your ultimate piss fantasy into amazing 3D virtual reality!