Pissing HD Review

Pissing HD is one of the largest collections of exclusive piss porn videos online, featuring just about every kind of action you can imagine. From solo girls drinking their own piss, to multiple guys shooting their urine (and then their sperm) down the back of throats of young girls, it’s all here. The action is pretty kinky and hardcore too, and members can enjoy scenes such as girls locked in caged being pissed on by prison guards, or men urinating into the open assholes of young piss loving sluts.


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The videos, all in HD, are among the best there is. The drawback is that the site hasn’t been updating for some while. Despite this, there are hundreds of videos for members to enjoy, including access to at least two other high quality piss porn sites, and a year’s membership costs just $99.

Huge Piss Porn Library Featuring The Kinkiest Of Pee Fun Action

There’s no doubt that any real piss fan is going to be more than satisfied with a membership to the site. Hundreds of some of the hardest and kinkiest pissing videos online, all exclusive to the site. Members also get access to several other pissing sites, including the infamous Bio Hazard Bitches. Scenes are invariably perverted, and some might say downright depraved. Humiliation and domination of young piss drinking sluts is a regular theme, with the action taking place in a varied collection of settings that range from prison cells to public parks.


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More than most of the other pissing sites online, this one features a lot of group pissing fun, including piss orgies. The female models, who are often asked to drink the piss of multiple men at the same time, are usually very attractive, while at the same time having a amateur type air to them.

Members Get Access To One Of the Biggest Hardcore Porn Networks Online

As well as several other similarly hardcore and kinky HD pissing video sites, members who take out a subscription get full access to over 45 other network sites. Nearly all of these sites are hardcore and often perverted, covering a range of niches that include preggo and smoking.

PissingHD network sites smoking preggo

Reasons To Join Pissing HD

  • Huge library of hundreds of exclusive HD pissing videos.
  • Wide variety of hardcore action and indoor/outdoor settings.
  • Photo sets with every video.
  • Some of the hardest and most intense pissing action anywhere.
  • Members get full access to several other pissing sites and 50+ sites total.
  • A lot of group pissing action featuring hot amateur style girls.
  • Excellent value with a year’s membership costing $99.

Is A Subscription to Pissing HD Worth It?

Although the site is no longer updating, a one year’s subscription at just $99 is still excellent value, given the sheer quantity of premium quality hardcore and diverse pissing content you will have access to. Possibly the best collection of pissing movies under one roof, members get access to not only several other huge pissing sites, but 50+ network porn sites in total. If you are looking for a 4K piss site that still updates regularly, then choose one of the top four sites on our ranking list. If you want access to hundreds of the best pissing porn movies ever filmed, then join this site for a year – it will take you that long to download or stream everything you will want to watch here!


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Piss Japan TV


Piss Japan TV is one of the premiere Japanese pissing fetish sites. Devoted exclusively to Japanese (and occasionally other Asian race) girls, it has a nice mix of both studio based and ‘voyeur’ public urination videos and updates weekly with new movies.

The photography and realism of the filming is among the best I’ve seen of any piss porn site, whether the peeing is taking place in the studio or on the street.

In the street ‘voyeur’ videos, the girl pissing is filmed with two cameras, one of them delivering a close up shot of the urination from the front, and the other from further away, usually from the side. Cleverly, you see both at the same time in the video!

The studio scenes are equally kinky and inventive, with the amateur style girls often apparently not knowing they are expected to be filmed pissing until they arrive at the studios, when it is being explained to them why they are being asked to drink large glasses of juice.


Reasons To Join Piss Japan TV

  • Some of the best filmed and innovatively kinky pissing content online
  • Over 300 videos with new releases each week
  • Exclusively Japanese and Asian girls
  • Filmed by a leading Japanese fetish porn studio
  • Includes both outdoor pissing and studio pissing scenes
  • Members also get access to other Japanese network sites

Free Piss Japan TV Video Trailers

Peepee On The Porcelein (Compilation Street Pissing Video)


It’s a fact that there is a critical shortage of public toilets in Tokyo. As a result, hundreds of beautiful young Japanese ladies have no choice but to pull down their panties when they think nobody is watching, and let go of their golden rain. Luckily for us, there is often a pervert cameraman from Piss Japan TV to capture it. Actually, two cameramen, because one camera takes a close up of the golden stream bursting from her pussy, and the other takes a long shot from the side or above.

This is just a short highlight trailer. Full video contains entire piss scenese featuring each girl (and more girls!).

Two Cute Friends Asked To Pee On Each Other


Two cute 18 year old Japanese college girls were persuaded to come in to the studio for some modelling work. They were told it would be easy money and wouldn’t involve sex, so as they needed some extra cash for the new iPhone, they readily agreed, thinking they would just be posing for some lingerie photos and the like.

When they got to the studio, these two sweet BFFs, were each given a big glass of fruit juice to drink. They weren’t sure why, but they were told it was important for the shoot. Then it was explained to them that the assignment involved pissing into bowls in front of the cameras, and then pouring it over each other’s bodies and licking it off. They were so shocked, and were ready to say no and go home, but in the end, they nervously agreed and although they didn’t look too happy about it, they were soon squatting down with a desperate urge to urinate, and almost forgot about the cameras filming their sweet pussies!

I Have To Piss My Panties!


A cheeky prankster ties a beautiful young Japanese office lady to some railings by her hands. She needs to go to the toilet but what embarrassment to be seen pissing in public! She can’t even pull down her pink panties, as her hands are tied, so eventually she gives in and pisses herself through her panties. The prankster releases her but she is so ashamed to be seen peeing in the street!


Crazy Pee Girls

850x80 banner

Crazy Pee Girls is a large pissing fetish porn site that has a huge quantity of amateur style videos of girls peeing on the toilet or (often) outdoors, and sometimes even in public.

It is one of around 100 fetish porn videos under the ownership of the same porn company, and membership gives access to all of those other sites.

There’s no doubt that membership will give you access to some of the best (maybe THE best) amateur style pee content online. However, the marketing is a little misleading. In the first place, I doubt if they are updating daily every day as their ‘latest movies’ segment suggests. Most of the videos on the front page are not only amateur style but even 90’s style. Secondly, the site promises that members get access to over 25,000 videos, which might be true but only a fraction of those will be pissing videos because – as mentioned above – a subscription gives access to the 100+ other non-piss sites in the network.

So with those two important caveats in mind, you should definitely consider joining this site, especially if you are looking for a good library of amateur and outdoor pissing content, and even more so if you are a fan of some of the many other fetishes covered by the network.