Crazy Pee Girls

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Crazy Pee Girls is a large pissing fetish porn site that has a huge quantity of amateur style videos of girls peeing on the toilet or (often) outdoors, and sometimes even in public.

It is one of around 100 fetish porn videos under the ownership of the same porn company, and membership gives access to all of those other sites.

There’s no doubt that membership will give you access to some of the best (maybe THE best) amateur style pee content online. However, the marketing is a little misleading. In the first place, I doubt if they are updating daily every day as their ‘latest movies’ segment suggests. Most of the videos on the front page are not only amateur style but even 90’s style. Secondly, the site promises that members get access to over 25,000 videos, which might be true but only a fraction of those will be pissing videos because – as mentioned above – a subscription gives access to the 100+ other non-piss sites in the network.

So with those two important caveats in mind, you should definitely consider joining this site, especially if you are looking for a good library of amateur and outdoor pissing content, and even more so if you are a fan of some of the many other fetishes covered by the network.

Teacher Piss Plays With Schoolgirls


It’s not enough for this horny and depraved teacher to deduce his innocent and nubile young students in class. He needs to fulfill his hardcore pissing fetish as well. Luckily for him (and us!) these two cute but naughty schoolgirls are only too happy to try something new and exciting like piss drinking!

What follows is what every red-blooded man dreams of, but only a handful have every likely experienced. Being sucked by and then fucking two innocent barely legals in school uniform, and then watching as they piss into each other’s mouths, before letting you unload your own steaming hot piss into their thirsty young throats! Now put on your VR headset and become that lucky teacher and turn your ultimate piss fantasy into amazing 3D virtual reality!

Piss Crazy Russian Girls

‘Russian Tornado’ – VIPissy


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Two beautiful young amateur Russian girls persuaded to be filmed for notorious VR pissing site. This might be their first time in pissing porn, but they are asked to do everything, including swallowing a full load of each other’s hot urine.

It turned me on the fact that one of the young Russians seemed to find this a little heavy, and really acted that she’d never experienced her hair soaked with piss, or her young throat wet with another girl’s urine. Maybe she was thinking of what her boyfriend or her parents would think of this? Or maybe it was the realization that horny dudes like you and me are fapping like crazy in immersive 3D virtual reality to this, feeling like we are inches from these young beauty’s bodies, pussies, and streaming piss!

Busty Girls Share Piss Together

‘Filthy Favorites’ – VIPissy


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Two beautiful, naked, and busty young women are feeling a little bored under quarantine and decide to play some exciting new games together. They have always wondered what it would be like to feel the urine of another beautiful woman rain down upon their bodies. What would the golden stream taste like? Perhaps even better than sperm!

So the two busty beauties gently coax each other into letting a stream of piss come out. It feels so good against their skin. One of the girls tastes a little drop and discovers it is so delicious. Now she needs more, so she places a glass under the other girl’s pussy and lets her fill it up with the tasty golden drink!